The project

Baan Din Doi (in Thai: “house made from mountain soil”), is a project that was started in 2015. We want to promote a more simple, self-reliant and eco-friendly lifestyle. The project currently focus on promoting natural building techniques to foreigners and local people to spread the concept of low environmental impact buildings. It will also give more people the opportunity to afford a simple, natural home they will have partly or completely built by themselves. We also want to provide training and advice to community organisations and NGOs working on projects related to natural and sustainable building. Moreover, we have plans for a variety of future activities.

Why promoting Natural Building?

building-conventionalToday’s conventional building materials and techniques pollute the environment and consume a huge amount of our non renewable fossil fuels for their manufacture and transportation. Natural building relates to any sort of building designed to be more sustainable by using natural materials which are primarily locally sourced, renewable, and reused or recycled. Natural buildings design often integrates factors such as passive cooling and heating, on-site energy acquisition, and waste management. These will fundamentally lessen operational costs, positively impact the environment and increase the buildings sustainability. Besides, a natural building is a healthier home (e.g. avoiding the toxicity of some industrial paints and additives).

Future plans

solar-panel-thailand-s2We want to become a place where people can discover, learn, receive inspiration and information about environmentally friendly, economical and easily replicable ideas, systems and techniques. These will cover topics such as solar panels, rocket stoves and wind turbines.