A transportable yurt structure out of bamboo made in 6 days

This is the story of our little adventure. From 23 to 28 march 2019, Manon, Charles, Bryan and Alain managed to build a a ‘flex-yurt’ structure out of bamboo, easily foldable and transportable by car. The challenge was to finish and install it by 28th before everyone leave, on a temporary foundation because the yurt will need to be moved to a nearby land a few months later. Only Charles had already build such flex-yurt, and Alain had experience working with bamboo. Normally, this should take 3 days with 3 or 4 experienced builders. And we made it !

Details: Diameter: 4.50 meter (15 feet), weight: approximately 150-200 kilos. Cost: 2,800 baht (90 USD, 80 euros): 900 baht (90 bamboo canes) + 550 baht (100 concrete blocks) + 1000 baht (4 mm in diameter rope), 250 baht (wood door frame), 100 baht (bamboo door).

Day 1 and day 2: We assembled the wall (trellis): 60 bamboo canes (2.50 meter long) tight together with good quality rope. Step 1: selecting the cane; step 2: drilling 6 holes per cane; step 3: attaching the canes together on the floor with ropes.

Day 3: We built the roof… 30 strong thin bamboo canes (2.60 meter long) assembled with ropes. Step 1: selecting the canes; step 2: drilling the holes; step 3: attaching the canes together with ropes.

Day 4: Preparation of the basement.


Step 1: We dug a rounded trench filled with gravel to make a foundation and a drain for rain water.

Step 2: We laid and leveled the 100 concrete blocks.


Day 5: Time to move the wall and roof up there !! Step 1: moving the wall and the roof in a pick up (the wall was quite heavy to be carried by 4 people, but 6 would have been fine); step 2: Laying the trellis (wall) over the blocks; step 3: installing the roof; step 4: tightening a strong rope around the wall to prevent the yurt wall from moving apart because of the roof weight; step 5: attaching the roof and the wall together with ropes

Day 6: Just in 6 hours before everybody leave, Bryan and Charles managed to build the bamboo door (with a wood frame)…