Bamboo building workshop

This 6 day workshop is mostly based on practise and combines bamboo and earth construction techniques. You will learn how to make a small and simple building with a bamboo structure and earth (or bamboo) walls suitable for an outdoor kitchen, a sitting/dining area, a cabin, a pergola, an animal shelter etc
This workshop covers the following topics:

• Introduction to bamboo: the material and its properties
• Visit to a nearby plantation and bamboo cutting
• Introduction to the safe use of tools (machete, saw, and electric drill)
• Cutting, drilling bamboo
• Joining and lashing techniques
• Bamboo treatment,
• Dying, painting, preserving bamboo
• Designing and building a bamboo building structure
• Introduction to earth as a building material: properties, testing, mixing etc.
• Building and plastering walls and windows from earth (wattle and daub technique) (+ adobe or light earth ??)
• Making bamboo walls and windows

You will be given a USB memory stick containing a summary of the training materials including additional documents (PDF files, Videos) and useful links if you wish to learn further. After the workshop – if the trainer is available – you can choose to stay up to 3 days to practice more under the trainer’s guidance at a rate of 1,100 baht per day (including all meals and accommodation). You may also choose to stay (minimum one week) as a volunteer.

General information

The course will be held at our centre, 25 kms south of Chiang Rai, and will have a maximum of 6 participants. TrainerAlain Madec, founder of ‘BaanDin Doi’.

Course schedule:  9.00 to 18.00 with several breaks; Lunch break: 12.00 to 14.00

We can pick up participants the day before the workshop begins at Chiang Rai airport or at the bus station and will give you more details by email. To know how to get to Chiang Rai, click here.

Living situation

We will provide simple accommodation in a tent on bamboo stilts (tent size: 200cm X 180cm). A mattress, blanket, pillow will be provided. A hammock, chair and small table are available near the tent if you wish to retreat for some privacy. Outdoor toilets and cool or hot showers are close to the tents. Wifi and 220 V electricity are available. There is also an area to play volley-ball, badminton and pétanque !!

All meals will be vegetarian food with some meat and fish options. We will try to use the most organic vegetables, fruits and products available.

Participants will also be asked to take turns to help with community work on the site, e.g. watering the garden, cooking, and cleaning the dining area.

We ask all participants to refrain from any illegal drug use or excessive drinking in our centre.


7,000 baht/person.  This fee includes instruction, accommodation, all meals during the course, pick-up and drop-off at the Chiang Rai airport or bus terminals.


1) Email us to

2) Once we have replied to your email, a 2,000 baht deposit is due to secure your spot. The deposit is non-refundable unless we cancel the course or you cancel your registration by emailing us at least 14 days before the first day of the course. Please understand we cannot hold your spot until we have received your deposit.

We ask you to transfer the deposit to our Thai bank account (details to be provided).  The remainder of the course fee will be collected in Thai baht during the course  or you may transfer the whole amount beforehand if you prefer.