Earth Building: Design and Practise (5 days, Chiang Mai)

2022 Dates: 7 – 11 February; 20 – 24 June; 25 – 29 July; 19 – 23 September

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Workshop organized by BaanDinDoi and hosted by ‘Earth Home’ near Chiang Mai (

This five day course is especially suitable for those who:

  • want to gain a basic understanding of how an earth building provides thermal comfort and energy savings (in any climate)
  • have a plan to build an earth home (or any small-sized building such as a guest room, meditation/yoga/music room, outdoor kitchen etc),
  • seek an overall introduction to earth building and discover it by practise


Experiencing the satisfaction, effort and time involved in building by yourself. This will help you to find the right strategy for your future project (using machines, getting help from friends or volunteers, hiring workers or a contractor etc…)

Reflecting on your building project and making a draft design of your home that will be discussed with the group and the instructor.

The course combines classroom  learning including lectures, discussions, case-studies and exercises as well as hands-on sessions. It covers the following topics:

  • Thermal mass and insulation
  • Passive cooling and heating
  • Elements of design (orientation, layout of interior and exterior spaces, natural shading etc…)
  • Three building techniques: Cob, Wattle and daub and Adobe (practise)
  • Earth plastering (practise, by hand and with tools): base coat, finishing coat, decoration (earth paint, simple sculptures)

You will also learn by observing and commenting on Earth Home buildings, and through several short videos.


After the course

  • You will be given printed handouts and the digital version of the training materials including additional documents (PDF files, Videos) and useful links if you wish to learn further
  • You will be invited to participate in our building projects (maintenance, extensions or new buildings) in our land (Chiang Rai), for a reasonable fee. This will allow you to get more practise and learn other skills

General information

Workshop in English, limited to 6 participants

Trainer: Alain Madec, natural builder and founder of ‘Baan Din Doi’.

Course schedule:  8.30 to 18.00 with several breaks; Lunch break: 12.00 to 14.00

All meals will be vegetarian food with some meat and fish options. Wifi available.

We ask all participants to refrain from any illegal drug use or excessive drinking while staying in the place.


You will stay in a adobe bricks room. The bedroom has its own private toilet and bathroom.

Safety/sanitary measures (covid 19)

We want to provide a safe environment for us and every participant. We organised the workshop and our place to ensure safety:

  • Classroom sessions in a open room (natural ventilation)
  • Practise sessions in separate outdoor areas (a few meters distance from each other). Use of individual equipment (tarp, trowel etc)
  • Available hydroalcoholic gel
  • Cleaning before, during and after the workshop


9,800 baht/person, including instruction, accommodation for five nights, all meals during the course. If you wish to stay one night before or after the course, please contact us for details.

Registration for more than one person: 300 bahts discount per person

For more information or registration, contact us at